Happy 2016 New Year

December 31, 2015

By Wendy Mader

My friend Kirsten and I started a Christmas Eve tradition in 2012 to swim 100X100, I swim them on the 1:30.

We also started a New Year Eve tradition.  In 2012, we swam 13000, in 2013, we swam 14000, in 2014, we swam 15000 and this year for New Year Eve 2015 we swam 16000 to ring in the 2016 New Year.

This year was the least amount of swimming I have trained and was very impressed with my accomplishments. Christmas Eve I did not use any toys, buoys or fins, like I have in the past the last 20X100. Plus I swam the last 10x 100 under 1:20.

2016 xmas eve swim

New Year Eve I broke up the 16000 as follows

  • 6000 continous swim in 1:27. 1 minute break to drink=1:28
  • 4000 swim, including some backstroke in 1 hour, then a 1 minute break to eat some dates and almonds=1:01
  • 1000 kick and swim with fins in 16:30 = 2:45:30
  • then 2000 swim with fins, 28:30 then :30 break- 3:14/30
  • 1000 with paddles, 15:00 3:29:30 plus :30 break
  • Then 1000 again with fins 14:50, :10 break 3:45
  • Then my final 1000 swim, no toys in 14:05
  • Total 4:59ish minus the 3 minute total break time 4:56ish
  • We had about 7 other friends join us for part of the morning

2016 NYE swim NYE 2016

My Blue Seventy goggles did not even fog or hurt my face for 4 hours


Best wishes for health, a strong body and personal best performance for 2016 and beyond.



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